Several years ago, we noticed a void in the market.  We needed a behavior board that was simple enough for a 3 year old but sophisticated enough for a 6-7 year old - and we wanted something that didn't have 100 loose pieces!  We also wanted to encourage healthy habits and lifestyle ... setting the foundation for a healthy lifestyle early on.  Our board is character-based, engaging children easily.  It has a clean, aesthetically pleasing design.  The happyboard! comes with 8 core behavior/` activity tiles: Following Directions, Cleaning Up, Being Active, Bedtime Routine, Reading, Drawing & Writing, Sharing, and Eating Healthy.  Research shows that children should only focus on 1-2 "hard" goals at a time. Our board is designed to reward them as they earn stars for doing things they would probably do anyway: for example, reading/writing/being active, while boosting confidence for the more challenging tasks such as following directions, cleaning up, sharing, etc.  This makes the harder goals more attainable, making everyday life with kids a little easier.  More happy days, more happy families.


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