3 Tips: Getting the Most from your happyboard!

We’ve received great comments, feedback and questions and wanted to share our top tips for getting the most out of the happyboard!.

1. Awarding Stars is an Opportunity to Praise, Reflect and Teach

In essence, the happyboard! is a platform to communicate. Use daily conversations about earning stars as an opportunity to talk to your child about what’s important.  For some families, it’s a dinnertime conversation reflecting on the day’s accomplishments (you ate your broccoli! You did such a great job riding your bike! Today’s drawings were amazing!). For others, it might be a morning conversation about the day ahead (let’s make sure to work hard at soccer practice! make sure you do a great job following directions!  I can’t wait to read with you this afternoon!). Either way, a consistent routine rooted in encouragement and accountability can help your child feel excited to give their best effort.

2. Rewards Should be Special, but Not Extravagant

When many of us hear “reward”, we think of shelling out money for a new toy that will likely be forgotten in a matter of weeks (or even days;). We strongly urge parents to go in the direction of rewarding experiences, not toys. A super special family movie night, an amazing playdate (in the post quarantine world), and pizza night are experiences that are fun, simple and memorable. Using the reward as an opportunity to do something fun as a family is an extra bonus! 

3. Behavior Tiles should Evolve Over Time

As your child grows, develops new skills and experiences changing needs, let the meaning of the behavior tiles change too. For example, the Drawing/Writing tile might simply mean “coloring” when your child is 3 or 4. As your child gets a little older and learns more about writing, they might need to practice ABCs before earning a star. Ultimately, writing several complete words, sentences, or a narrative might be the goal. Simply put, the meaning of the tile can (and should!) evolve. 

Always remember to keep it simple: this is about communication, encouragement and accountability. We hope this helps! Please DM us or email: with questions or comments.

Happy parenting!!

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