Rabbott: Who We Are

We believe in happy: happy days, happy kids, happy families. Happiness isn’t about following rules or even good behavior, it’s encouraging the potential within each child and each family to make everyday life meaningful and enjoyable. It’s taking pride and satisfaction in raising children that will thrive. We believe that children are inherently good and that they absorb the world around them more than we realize. We believe that everything they interact with should have a positive impact. ‘Empty calorie’ products and negativity aren’t effective or sustainable. 


That’s why we started Rabbott.  We are a whimsical suite of children’s products that engage children while instilling positive values that families believe in, helping them to connect and thrive.


Every parent knows that childhood is fleeting, that our window to make a positive impact is small, but we also know that our impact is strong. Let’s enjoy this time, let’s take joy in childhood, let’s create more happy days and happy families.

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